Dyah Ridhul A. Daties


The development of international law can not be separated from the history of the world, but the development can not be separated also from the dark width with the outbreak of World War I and World War II. After the end of World War II, the beginning of a period of brightness which is a new stage for the development of society and international law. There are some new changes and developments but the situation does not reflect the world as a whole because of the polarization of the world or the international community at that time was divided into two. The second group, which is the former colony of the former, considers that international law is heavily dominated by European and American values, and in no way accommodates the values of local wisdom from the former colonies. Along with the development of contemporary international law, the "lawsuit" of former colonies that are usually also referred to as third world countries against the domination of European and American countries in international law is the reason for the birth of Third World Approaches to International Law. TWAIL exists to solve, appearing to show the material and ethical issues and difficulties facing the Third World.


TWAIL, Third World

Journal: Jurnal Sasi Vol.23 No.1 Bulan Januari - Juni 2017
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