Analisis Yuridis Kewenangan Mahkamah Konstitusi Dalam Memutus Sengketa Kewenangan Antar Lembaga Negara

Penulis: Hendrik Salmon

Abstrak: Forming idea of Constitution Law court closely related to idea to develop function of examination of invitors related to by authority of Appellate court in initial history of forming Negara Indonesia. Reasoning Of Bearing it Constitution Law court in Indonesia not quit of some factors which inter alia, Firstly, at the management of government of past in a period of old order and new order having the character of autoritary and unalives to Human right (HAM). Second, implication of kontitusionalism understanding. Third, creation of mechanism of checks and balance between state institutes. Fourth, the management of state is cleanness. And fifth, protection of Human right (HAM). Intention of this research is to know in yuridis authority of Constitution Law court in breaking authority dispute between state institutes, because till now understanding of institute Negara becoming interest Constitution Law court in authority dispute between state institutes still generating many perceptions, finally only guidance at each understanding. Besides, Constitution Law court as institute having authority to finalize dispute between the state institutes, was not arranged about if Constitution Law court is having dispute with other state institute, which institute entitled / Authorized finalizes the dispute

Keywords: Authority of Constitution Lawcourt In Breaking Dispute Between The Institute of State
Sumber: Jurnal Konstitusi Vol 3 No 1, Juni 2011
Unduh : File (PDF)

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