Penulis: Nyoman Subanda

Abstrak: Abstain phenomenon in which getting higher and higher is as a form and critical reaction of the society at once who care to democracy in order to recycle the ill – mannered democracy, doesn’t work for people, procedural, in order to achieve a fair, cultural, peaceful, and lovely democracy. Abstain is an oppositionalized democracy and ideological criticism of democracy which doesn’t give value of benefi t to the voter. That’s why abstain ideology is an action and smart political choice and ethically as a democratization of democracy at once. Abstain action which is getting higher and higher is a form of a pathetic society about the campaign or the political party promise to get the vote from the constituent with a very excellent motto but it doesn’t change the policy pragmatically and ideologically, from the wish and demand of the society. It makes the society apathetical. Beside of being apathetical, they do unbelievable action to the leader who has power by doing abstain action as an opposition to fi nd a true democracy again

Keywords: abstain phenomenon, general election, democracy
Sumber: Jurnal Konstitusi Vol 1 No 1, juni 2009
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