Journal History


Why this journal-title is named Jurnal SaniriThe term Saniri is very familiar to customary law communities in Ambon and Maluku in general. Saniri is a customary institution that is included in the customary government system (Negeri), one of the functions of Saniri is to help the state government to formulate policies to be taken by the State Government (Raja). The philosophical basis for consideration of using Saniri as the name of this journal is based on the duties and functions of Saniri as an institution that contributes to the state government. It is hoped that the publication of the Jurnal Saniri will make a major contribution to the Ambon city government, Maluku Province, and Indonesia


Journal History:

Jurnal Saniri was published online for the first time in November 2020 by the Faculty of Law Pattimura University as a national journal providing a forum for academics, legal practitioners, legal observers, students, researchers and the general public who have an interest in the field of law especially Constitutional Law and State Administrative Law, relating to :

  • Environmental Law;
  • Labor Law;
  • Governing Law;
  • Regional Government Law;
  • Public Policy Law;
  • Agrarian Law;
  • Tax Law.