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1. Establishing Ethical Norms: Dignified Justice Theory Perspectives on Ethics and Legal Relations
Fradhana Putra Disantara, Bayu Dwi Anggono, Aan Efendi
Rechtsidee  vol: 10  issue: 1  year: 2022  
Type: Journal [View Source]


2. Natural Resource Management Principles and the Role of Law in Realizing Good Development Governance
Satriya Nugraha
Journal of Progressive Law and Legal Studies  vol: 2  issue: 01  first page: 49  year: 2023  
Type: Journal [View Source]


3. Eksaminasi Khusus Kejaksaan Agung Dalam Perkara Tindak Pidana
Rizky Imanuel Tahya, Elsa Rina Maya Toule, Dezonda Rosiana Pattipawae
TATOHI: Jurnal Ilmu Hukum  vol: 4  issue: 1  first page: 49  year: 2024  
Type: Journal [View Source]